BG Cleaning Systems Odisha is equipped to service all kinds of public, private and government institutions – big or small. Our professional and discreet staff have experience cleaning museums and libraries, nursing homes, hospitals and other care & assisted living complexes, sports grounds & facilities, and government buildings & offices.

We provide the flexibility needed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, and staff will always remain confidential when working in private areas.

BG Odisha is proud to offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, including:

    • Daily, semi-regular or periodical Janitor work.
    • General cleaning of rooms, staircases and corridors.
    • Deep cleaning of shelving, cupboards, appliances etc.
    • Maintenance of Hard Floors of all types.
    • Floor finishing and polishing for long term protection.
    • Carpet & upholstery cleaning and regular vacuuming & maintenance.
    • Pantry, food and refreshment services for management and employees.
    • Menial office based tasks.
    • Message and Announcement delivery.
    • Specialised Green Cleaning services for environment conscious institutions.
    • General gardening services, such as watering indoor and outdoor plants & greenery.
    • General sweeping of exterior grounds and parking areas.
    • Trash collecting and Waste Disposal.
    • Window and Glass cleaning.
    • Restroom Cleaning and Supplies management.
    • And a range of other specialised cleaning services…

Contact us today, and we will work with you to develop an unobtrusive and efficient cleaning & facility management strategy, so you can spend more time on important tasks. 


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