Specialised Cleaning Services in Odisha

BG Cleaning Systems have created a comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services that can be tailor made for clients in Odisha. Whether you require standard janitorial services, window and floor cleaning, kitchen or industrial solutions, or any other imaginable cleaning service – our experienced team are here for you.

With over 15 years of cleaning operations all over the world, BG’s Odisha branch is at the forefront of the industry – using state of the art equipment and implementing the most efficient cleaning strategies. At competitive prices, our expert cleaning teams are able to offer you the following specialised services:

Hard Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

Dirty and damaged flooring is not only unpleasant for workers and customers, but over time can become dangerous and costly to replace. This is especially true for facilities that have a lot of pedestrian and industrial traffic on a daily basis.

BG Odisha’s professional floor team can clean, restore and maintain surfaces of all types – to extend their lifespan and save you money in the long run.

We have expertise with many surfaces, including natural stone, ceramic & terrazzo tiles, marble and granite.

Let us know your type of surface today and we will get you an estimate and tailor our service with your individual needs in mind.

Depending on the current condition of your floor there are a number of techniques we might employ to get the surface looking clean and spotless.

Relatively well looked after floors may just need a good scrub and polish treatment. Our floor finish not only makes the surface look cleaner, but adds a layer of protection to make it stay that way.

If there is extensive wear and tear and discolouration to a floor that has been treated in the past, our floor stripping specialists thoroughly remove and clean any surface layers and re-polish for extra protection.

If you’re looking for ongoing maintenance, our cleaners are on hand to carry out burnishing and buffing, to keep your floors shining bright.

Get in touch today an we’re work out a plan just for you!

Carpet Care

It’s no good leaving your carpeted flooring to gather dust and dirt – leading to potential permanent fading and damage. Our cleaners will maintain a regular schedule, so your carpets remain as vibrant as the day you bought them.

No matter what the size of your facility, our team will handle all of your carpet care needs.

Window Cleaning

To create a professional and welcoming image, it is important that your building has clean windows. Regular window maintenance from the experts at BG Odisha, will also ensure a longer lifespan and no premature and costly replacements.

Our team will handle all glass materials, whether it’s your mirrors and skylights, or standard windows and glass dividers. We cater to both large and small business, as well as houses, apartments and complexes. Where there’s windows, we can provide high quality cleaning!

With years of experience all over the world, you can expect nothing but a prompt, reliable and efficient  window cleaning service. Get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Industrial Cleaning

With diverse clients all over the world BG Odisha has experience in all areas of cleaning. For example, if renovators, builders or other contractors have left industrial grade waste behind, such as bricks, dust and other mess – our team are equipped to return your facility to its working state.

Other General Cleaning

Flexibility is the key to our success … no cleaning job is too small, too large, or too obscure for our professionals. Contact us with your requirements today and we’ll tailor our service just for you. Whether you need your walls or ceilings cleaned, regular restroom maintenance, or the cleaning of kitchen appliances like ovens –  BG Odisha has the know-how and man power to exceed your expectations.

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